The Eczema Map Project

The Eczema Map Project tracks scientists, doctors, companies, and patient associations around the world that are innovators in the field of atopic dermatitis. The goal is to obtain a complete picture of all the most important people and institutions that help patients and contribute to the search for a cure. (Merely practising dermatology, in the case of clinicians, or manufacturing standard therapies such as topical steroids, in the case of companies, is not enough to qualify for listing.)

I'm aware that it's possible to be a clinician (someone who sees patients) and conduct research at the same time--in fact, that's what most of the best people do. So the line between "clinician" and "scientist" is blurred. If someone works primarily with molecular biology and animal models, as opposed to human subjects, I have classified them as a "scientist."

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  1. Around the world, atopy schools help the patient in the management of atopic dermatitis.

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