Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's resolutions? Ditch the coffee and candy

How are you all? Anyone make any New Year's resolutions?

I didn't. Forgot to, actually. New Year's isn't as exciting as it once was. Since we had our first kid, we've been in bed well before midnight every Dec 31.

In past years, I made a number of resolutions. Most of them had to do with eczema. They were along the lines of "won't scratch so much." I was no more successful than people who resolve to lose weight and take out gym memberships. My father-in-law has a great cartoon from the New Yorker-- a bunch of blobs of fat out for a jog (they may have some label like "Your Lost Weight") and one turns to another and says "It's about time to head back."

One thing I do have to do, though, is kick the addiction to sugar and caffeine I reacquired over Christmas. We got a new coffeemaker--Hidden B likes it every day, and I indulge on Sundays normally, but had several cups a day over the last week--and because I ate so many chocolates, I developed a craving that would hit me every afternoon around 3. I know neither sugar nor caffeine are good for eczema. So: away with ye, coffee and candy!

The first work week after the holidays has been busy and we've had a series of minor crises in the house (both kids are sick; car trouble; Hidden B working out bugs on her new Android phone) so I'm not up to the minute on eczema news. Let me get back to you when I am. I'm also hoping in the near future to talk to a philanthropist about fundraising strategy, and to have a conversation with UCSF's Martin Steinhoff about itch centers in Germany.

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