Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New NEA blog post on allergy tests for eczema

I just wrote a new post on the NEA blog, about food allergy tests for eczema. I interviewed Jon Hanifin, a professor at Oregon Health Sciences University and one of the giants in the field of eczema research and practice. (Eczema is commonly diagnosed using the "Hanifin and Rajka" criteria.) Read the post if you are wondering how useful allergy tests are for food triggers of eczema.

The last few weeks my family has been under a lot of stress because my five-year-old son just started kindergarten. He has been unhappy about moving to a new school--where he's in a class of 28 (his preschool had 14 kids) and about 500 students attend total. He cries when we drop him off, when we mention school, and at night when he protests that he doesn't want to go. Plus there's homework--four pages a day, for a kindergartner! and Dad's Club and PTA. So you can understand why my posts have been a bit sparse. The pace will pick up again, I'm sure.

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