Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog on hold until arm works again

Sometimes life can cramp your style. Ten days ago I fractured my right shoulder in a bicycle accident, courtesy of some streetcar tracks downtown. (I am not alone in doing this; it is entertaining, if a bit gruesome, to Google "streetcar tracks bicycle accident San Francisco". At least I still have my legs.)

Anyway, it's not particularly painful, and as you can see I am able to type--but the arm isn't useful at the moment and everything takes a lot longer to do. My commute is now twenty minutes longer each way. That's about the margin of time in which I have been operating this blog. I won't have the time to post until my arm is functioning again, which will be in about a month and a half.

In the meantime I'll be collecting ideas for future blog topics and I'll be happy to respond to any comments made on existing posts. Enjoy your holiday season and I'll see you again in 2013.


  1. Ouch, I hope your arm recovers and you get better soon.

    I haven't forgotten I promised you a kimchi recipe, but Mercola bet me to it:

    He recommends using a starter culture but I don't think it is necessary. I did recently get a few tea-spoons of probiotic powder from a friend, which I used in my latest batch. I don't think the taste is very different, but I gues there are more of a variety of strains in it.

    Happy fermenting!

  2. Talking about gut bacteria, I just read this:

    "Gut Bacteria Increase Fat Absorption"

    Theoretically, this could mean that a gut flora out of whack, lacking the bacteria which breaks down fat the best, will in turn lead to less fat in the skin.

    This could explain the dry skin, easily penetrable by foreign objects in the environment. On the upside the dry skin people are theroretically slimmer :-)

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Interesting. I used to work in a lab that studied lipids, and the professor's belief was that when it comes to lipids, we are what we eat. So this could make sense; but I never looked too closely into exactly which lipids the body can synthesize by itself and which ones it uses from food we consume.

  4. This source states that low stomach juices are the cause of psoriasis (maybe eczema also)

  5. Very happy to have discovered your blog and wishing you a full recovery from your bicycle mishap. A life-long eczema/asthma/atopic who very much would like to find a way to co-exist with a puppy in my retirement years, I look forward to more of your information sharing and readers' comments.

    There will be 3 cash prizes:
    1. $150.00
    2. $100.00
    3. $50.00

  7. Hi, just came across your blog and want to thank you for supporting eczema and keeping so many people updated about its issues and development.

    I know how hard it is as I had chronic eczema for 19 years, (the worst by far of anyone I knew). After being on stronger and stronger cortisones and all sorts of drugs, and being from a chinese background I knew that I should try and target the actual cause.

    For the last 6 years I have tried everything, researched the hell out of it and ended up starting a holistic skincare label. I have also just finished writing a book about skin problems which I think could really help!

    Would love to send it to you as I really think it could help. Just an ebook, not asking for anything in return. I think there is so much incorrect information out there and doctors are clueless so I wrote the book.

    Please email me on I look forward to hearing from you, perhaps we could have a quick skype chat to exchange ideas as well. Have a great day and hope your arm heals!

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Very cool. Thanks, Kevin--I emailed you. I'll let people know about the e-book.