Friday, January 7, 2011

Ain't he cute?

Not too much to post tonight-- I'll note that the current issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology is dedicated to immunotherapy, and there's an interesting review of what the future may hold, as well as a number of articles about clinical trials of immunotherapy for allergens important to eczema, including timothy grass and cat dander. Can't wait to read the papers! --but haven't had the time.

Check this photo out. Who's this handsome fella? Yours truly, Spanish Key, Christmas 1972. My mom sent it to me recently. For me it's particularly interesting because it's really hard to see any traces of eczema on the exposed skin. There's some healing scabs on my left foot. Maybe the photographer airbrushed the shot!

There's no denying that I've had eczema as long as I can remember, so I'm interested to see a baby photo of me that looks so...normal. 

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  1. Aww you look pretty cute! My baby has eczema. Im going to give him vitamin d3 to see if his eczema clears out. Its pretty bad. If you search through this website, youll find info and comments of alot of people that say that vitamin d3 has cleared out their eczema! Eczema is linked to vitamin d3 deficiency. Lastly i just wanted to comment that yes i can see the traces of eczema on your cheeks...i can tell from experience of my own son. His cheeks look the same when the eczema has calmed down.