Friday, May 6, 2011

Thinking about a comeback

Hey all.

I have been thinking about returning to this blog--I miss keeping up with the latest research, and sharing ideas with people.

But as you might have read below, I am struggling with some neck and back trouble probably caused by computer use or poor ergonomics. My job involves sitting in front of a computer, and it doesn't feel good toward the end of the day, and I sure don't feel like aggravating it with more computer time after I get home and help feed the kids and put them to bed and do my prescribed physiotherapy. Plus I don't have much spare time anyway.

So bear with me--maybe I can write shorter posts during the odd lunch time; maybe I can do some video posts.

At least I feel like I owe you the second half of my interview with Gil Yosipovitch.

One new thing for now: did anyone notice this link, part of the NIH's campaign for public accountability? It's a list of all the NIH's research expenditures--I think their annual budget is $20 billion, but I haven't taken the time to add up the totals. The list shows money spent per disease, and there are a lot of diseases in the list. But there's one that seems to be missing: eczema. Is it really not there? Not under atopic dermatitis or some other name? Apparently not. Maybe it comes under psoriasis? Does anybody know?

Surely they can't not be funding eczema research. (I KNOW they are at least funding Donald Leung's multisite project.)

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