Monday, July 4, 2011

Blog on hold

Have to take a break for a while to work out some NEW back problems. Isn't getting older fun? Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Hi Spanish Key

    Good luck with the back. Yoga is awesome

    I am Eczema-tic (what do you call the sufferers, anyway?) too for as long as I can remember. Unfortuately, lately it has become a problem. I don't knwo why - is is stress, or just getting old and my skin konking out etc.. Thanks for you posts which I just discovered and I know that you are very sceintific...

    On the other hand, can you share what your thoughts are on other natrual healing remedy that I don't know if it's helpful as some swear by it. One blog post i find interesting is
    Just lots of natural pure healthy vege and fruits in our diet instead of highly acidic food which can aggravate the situation. Sometimes, It's just impossible to be change the diet but if it could help.... it could be worth the while.

    Of course, we know all sorts of temporary remedy is really temp. thanks MS

  2. Hey MS.

    Natural remedies--depends what you mean by "natural"! I'm guessing you mean something you can ingest/apply that isn't a pharmaceutically produced drug.

    Because eczema can have an allergic component, it would seem that avoidance of certain things is key--less is more. Remove things rather than add them. In the category of "things" I'd include food and environmental triggers. I myself was surprised how effective an elimination diet can be. Many years ago I suddenly stopped eating a range of food suspects such as wheat, eggs, soy, dairy, etc. for a month and had very positive results. But at the same time I also cut out everything that I suspected might be a problem including all spices, coffee, chocolate, etc. It was draconian but produced results. (Being human, I could not give up was rather foolish, but I convinced myself that a couple beers once in a while was OK. But beer contains alcohol of course, and yeast, and sometimes wheat and often histamines. I really should have cut it out too.)

    Now I am off the wagon, though, because the stress of my current life makes it hard to be a monk about food.

    Environmentally, I've noticed a different pattern in my facial eczema depending on where I am, such as east coast vs west, or the season. I attribute this to pollen allergy and I bet there is a way to reduce exposure, but am not sure exactly how. Get an allergy test and move somewhere that doesn't have the pollen you react to!

    Life's hard and sometimes you have to accept that you can't avoid suffering. I cheer myself up by reminding myself of all the terrible afflictions I don't have yet. Ha!

  3. Just saw this Harvard Medical School web story on itch and the brain:

    Apparently the legendary French essayist Montaigne suffered from eczema.

  4. How is your back and eczema? It's great that you're fund raising for eczema :) I'm helping my local community by sponsoring moisturizer cost, hope more people will get involved and recognize the cost of managing eczema.

  5. Hi Guys
    not sure if this can help but I run an on-line shop called The Allergy Shop - - with products to cure and treat Eczema